Faces of Pee Dee

You can just feel the excitement as John Tanner describes calling a gobbler.

At his shop in Indiantown, SC he talks about the different types of calls and the pitch as he demonstrates one of his handmade turkey calls. They are a work of art.

He starts with a block of wood, sometimes black walnut, mahogany, cherry or even 46,000 year old ancient cypress like the log in the photo here. Each call is fashioned and finished by hand. If it doesn’t have the perfect pitch or finish it’s thrown out.

Turkeys are hunted in every state but Alaska. John’s calls have been shipped to 48 states and endorsed by nationally known outdoorsmen such as Bob Redfern.

In addition to his interest in turkey calls, John writes music and plays the fiddle. He started playing the fiddle when he was 64.