Faces of Pee Dee

Caleb is an amazing man.

He is an M.D. trained in pediatrics at Harvard Medical School and earned a Ph.D. in Civil Engineering from MIT. He and his wife, Louise (also an M.D.), are missionaries to Rwanda in East Africa. They call the Pee Dee home.

They moved to Rwanda in 2003 to restart a hospital that was destroyed during the genocide in 1994. The hospital was looted to the point of almost total destruction. They were the only physicians in an area with a population of 300,000. The hospital has been built back with 12 Doctors and 100 other staff.

The next problem was no electric power. Caleb built a hydro-electric plant with the capacity to not only supply power to the hospital, but also provide additional power to sell and pay for the entire project. It’s hard to imagine a man with Caleb’s skill sets arriving in Rwanda by chance. Divine intervention?