Faces of Pee Dee

In June 2014 Vence was diagnosed with a high grade metastasized tumor in his right kidney.

Since he was diagnosed with cancer Vence has had chemo, radiation, surgery and immunotherapy. All of it has been very painful and only served to extend life. He was told his chances of survival are very slim.

At times, when he is alone, the tears flow and he wonders how to tell his family “good-bye.” He wants them to know how much he loves them, how proud he is of them and that he wouldn’t change a thing. He has a few regrets, like putting work before the family at times, but he knows there were just some things he had to do.

Vence is courageous. He says his experience with cancer has strengthened his faith and he knows his salvation is assured. He admits to a little fear of dying. “Because he has never had to do it before.”