Faces of Pee Dee

It was cool in November 1995 and Clyde’s coat sleeve got caught in an auger powered by a tractor.

Before the tractor could be stopped, Tom’s right arm was caught and crushed. His thumb and parts of several fingers were gone. It would be two years before he recovered from 7 surgeries to graft skin and replace muscle from other areas on his body.

Clyde’s family and faith helped him get through the recovery period. During the first 4 months he ran his farm and 2,000 pigs from his hospital bed. His wife and sister helped carry out his daily responsibilities. His sister once had polio, but stayed right by his side along with his wife. They taught him about concern for others.

Clyde says his faith was an important part of his recovery. He faced his limitations. At times he was discouraged, frustrated, and felt sorry for himself, but he learned to cope. It was a turning point for him when he saw a handicapped child. He began to understand how fortunate he was. Now he is thankful for his family and how they stuck with him. He has become stronger in his faith because of his experience.