Faces of Pee Dee

John and Jerrie Hogan’s daughter, Leslie, died in a snow skiing accident 1994.

As one can imagine, they were distraught. John faced his grief with exercise and took flying lessons.

John began riding his bike more than ever so he could think and assimilate the loss. Riding the bike helped with the grieving process and put his life in perspective. He now feels that life is a gift that should not be squandered by focusing on what we lack, rather than appreciating the many gifts we have.

John currently rides his bike 150-200 miles a week. For him exercise is a form of meditation and is therapeutic. He solves problems and gains insights when he is on his bike.

John began flying in 1994 and received an instrument rating in1997. He loves flying because it requires total focus and it is a great way to travel. John and Jerrie have flown as far as Maine, California and the Florida Keys.