Faces of Pee Dee

Julie doesn’t have children of her own and focused her love and concern on the 40,000 children that have passed through Royall Elementary School since she has been the principal.

You can feel the energy and enthusiasm when you walk into the school. During the last 32 years under her leadership, Royall School has received over 29 awards for excellence. The prestigious National Blue Ribbon Award in 2014 placed Royall in the top 0.3% of all schools in the entire nation. (That decimal point is in the correct place. It’s the top 3 out of 1000 schools.)

Julie did this in a facility that was over 60 years old and with funding that is less than optimal. Royall is an example of what can be done in the public school system with its many challenges, by a visionary leader and a carefully selected staff.