Faces of Pee Dee

“You have cancer” would be a horrible thing to hear.

Debbie was 6 weeks pregnant when she was told. Debbie needed surgery, radiation and chemotherapy to save her life, but she would of had to abort her baby in the process. This was never a consideration for her. She told her doctors she would have the surgery but not the rest of the treatment. She would risk her own life to save the life of her unborn child. Debbie and her husband, David, had courage and peace from their faith in God.

Debbie delivered a healthy little girl; however, the cancer had spread to her lungs. Over the next five difficult years she underwent chemotherapy, extensive surgeries and was hospitalized for 65 days. She lost most of her right lung.

Debbie and David named their little girl Grace to remind them of God’s grace in their lives. Debbie has been cancer free for 9 years now.